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Looking for Hasdai ibn Shaprut in English

Does anyone know where I might be able to find an English translation of Hasdai ibn Shaprut's letter to Empress Helena about Jewish life in Spain? It sounds like the kind of source that I'd really like to give to my students, but I haven't been able to find it in English.

Thank you!


No, but if you find it, please share! :D
I was curious, so I started poking around and looking for it. This JSTOR article mentions the letter and cites Mann, Texts and Studies in Jewish History and Literature (Cincinnati and Philadelphia, 1935), vol 1, pp. 21-22. I don't know what information Mann has, but it looks worth tracking down.

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Thank you! I'm sorry - I should have specified that I'd already looked at Mann. I saw that article too, and it's what got me looking for the letter, but I just checked Mann, and he doesn't have a translation.
Darn those scholars who assume everyone can read unpointed Hebrew from damaged manuscript folios. (Speaking of which, I believe this is the actual letter. It's way beyond my talents.)
Ooh. It's a nifty-looking manuscript! But alas, far beyond my talents, too!
I think I may have found it! According to Published Materials from the Genizah Collections, ed. Rebecca Jefferson et al, the letter T-S J2.71 is edited in Golb and Pritsak, ed., Khazarian Hebrew Documents of the Tenth Century 79-84. I can't tell whether it's just the Hebrew or a translation or writing about the letter or what, but it's something.
Oh! That looks promising! I'll try to track that down. Are you sure it's the letter to Helena, though? He also wrote a letter to the King of the Khazars, and that one is translated everywhere...
I'm pretty sure, from my twenty minutes of searching, that T-S J2.71 is the shelfmark of the letter to Helena, so that should be it.
Thank you! I'm sorry - I didn't mean to imply that you hadn't been careful! It's just that in all of my searching, I'd frequently come across what I thought might be the right one but turned out to be the other one, and since the title of the book mentioned the Khazars, well...

Anyway, thank you very much for your help! I really appreciate it. I'll let you know how it all turns out!