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qu0thraven in medievalstudies

"John Donne" by Ben Jonson

ARUGH!  (sorry, need to vent.)

So I am doing a paper on the above mentioned poem; trying to tease out its story. 

I know that Jonson and Donne knew each other, have found many snippits that confirm this, but cannot find out any more about this relationship. 

I know that Jonson criticised Donne pretty harshly at times, but other than about 2 or three separate sentances, I cannot find out more. 

I know that he wrote this poem but cannot find out why or any commentary on it. 

I know that I need to improve my research skills but the few times I have tried my "ask the librarian 24/7" doesn't seem to be working. 

Luckily my paper is short so I probably have enough to do the paper.  But I want to know MORE.  I am  _really_  interested in this. 

(end vent) 

Thanks, I feel better.  Just wanted to express this somewhere I thought it might be understood.