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lenticular in medievalstudies


Hello all,

I'm new here. I am considering applying for a PhD program dealing with Medieval Manuscripts. The topic is wide open and I'm curious if anyone can lead me in the right direction to topics that are of current interest in Medieval Studies?

I have reviewed many online exhibitions and I have also come up with a few topics only to research and find that a great deal has already been covered on that topic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



When you say you speak French, I'm not sure how much coursework that entails for historical French? Because some of the more obscure dialects (like Picardy) are very difficult to read from a Mod F background, while others like Anglo-Norman, are pretty easy. Maybe that could help focus your project in a region of France? If you do know the more obscure/difficult dialects, there's tons of stuff that's barely been edited, much less digitized!

Digitization seems to be the route to go--as in the big Hot Thing In Demand. Have you checked out http://www.christianityandculture.org.uk/ ? They have a series of ongoing projects (not just c&c) that involve manuscript studies and I know they need help. They might be able to point your research in a direction they find useful, and you find rewarding.
Another thing to consider about the UK now that I'm thinking about it is that their postdoc system (this is from secondhand anecdotal knowledge, so take it with that grain of salt) involves working on other folks' projects a lot rather than your own. I mention that only as a caveat should things take you in that direction.
Many of the projects I am going for are for projects where the topic is already defined, so I suppose that falls in line with what you mention. This one, however, has a mostly wide open topic. Just that its only focus is medieval manuscripts.