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lenticular in medievalstudies


Hello all,

I'm new here. I am considering applying for a PhD program dealing with Medieval Manuscripts. The topic is wide open and I'm curious if anyone can lead me in the right direction to topics that are of current interest in Medieval Studies?

I have reviewed many online exhibitions and I have also come up with a few topics only to research and find that a great deal has already been covered on that topic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Materials and Best practice in conservation

A great deal has been done recently on the chemical analysis of inks and pigments (and in some case of the vellum or parchment species) used for medieval manuscripts and codices. It would be enormously helpful to have a single work in which the various papers and reports are synthesised,and debates between various parties put into context. I am thinking here particularly of reports done from RAMAN spectroscopy tests on inks and pigments, and the light they have (or have not shed) on a manuscript's origins. In addition to those studies of different pigments, we have others which show how a manuscript may be assigned to (e.g.) Armenian or Byzantine scriptoria, simply on the basis of proportions of vegetable versus mineral pigments in the ms. Then, it would be lovely to have a single source in which the different schools, and styles, of binding are listed and explained. Much, if not all of this, can be done without Latin; you would, however, need some knowledge of chemistry and its terminology. Keepers of rare books around the world would doubtless be most grateful for such an up-to-date synthesis of codicological studies. Diane