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ontological argument

dracsmith in medievalstudies

medieval internet humor

No doubt the result of staying up too late grading Latin quizzes; I came up with this tidbit of nerdspeak/Netspeak/medieval philosophy and realized there was a necessarily limited audience with whom I could share it. Hm... medieval scholars who belong to an Internet community?

St. Anselm in a nerd chatroom by dracsmith

chatroom: Monster Mania

mecha1989: Hey, what if Mothra could breathe in outer space?
ranmasux: Dude! That would roxxor. What if he could breathe in outer space AND travel faster than the speed of light?
tetsuosgrrrl: What if he could breathe in outerspace AND do warp travel AND live long enough to visit other galaxies?!!!
mecha1989: Sweet!
idquomaius: What if he could do all those things *and* existed in reality? That would TOTALLY rock!
mecha1989: ???
g4un1L0: i’m on ur island makin it teh best EVAR.


Almost everyone I know in Bloomington is considerably younger than I am - hazard of returning to graduate school as a second career, I suppose. :-) Of course you're still ok!

We must absolutely get to work on the Journey cover band this summer. :D

Yeah, and you're still in your 20s! I'm technically what most undergrads consider middle-aged.

If you hit 30 in this town, you call me. I'll help you through the pain. It's amazing that a horde of jejune hipsters don't descend on the 30something in order to feed them to He Who Walks Behind the Rows.

But you probably haven't seen Children of the Corn. :-)

Any and all instruments welcome!

Yay! So when I tell you that I am gradually getting genuinely creeped out by the Children of the Corniness of this town, you will totally dig my fear and desire to get the hell out of here.

I will definitely ask for you next time I'm in the Lilly!
I'm sorry this didn't bring the funny for y'all, but I'm glad you found each other! Yay for the Intarweb!