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ontological argument

dracsmith in medievalstudies

medieval internet humor

No doubt the result of staying up too late grading Latin quizzes; I came up with this tidbit of nerdspeak/Netspeak/medieval philosophy and realized there was a necessarily limited audience with whom I could share it. Hm... medieval scholars who belong to an Internet community?

St. Anselm in a nerd chatroom by dracsmith

chatroom: Monster Mania

mecha1989: Hey, what if Mothra could breathe in outer space?
ranmasux: Dude! That would roxxor. What if he could breathe in outer space AND travel faster than the speed of light?
tetsuosgrrrl: What if he could breathe in outerspace AND do warp travel AND live long enough to visit other galaxies?!!!
mecha1989: Sweet!
idquomaius: What if he could do all those things *and* existed in reality? That would TOTALLY rock!
mecha1989: ???
g4un1L0: i’m on ur island makin it teh best EVAR.