Siân (liminereid) wrote in medievalstudies,

Save Paleography at Kings

This is copied from the petition itself as I think it says it better than I can.

'The Chair of Palaeography at King's College in the University of London is the only one of its kind in the UK, and is of fundamental intellectual significance to a broad and interdisciplinary scholarly community as well as to the wider community beyond universities. Many other classical, medieval and early modern disciplines depend on the accurate deciphering of manuscripts and documents and their proper understanding, while the study of writing offers a gateway to the comprehension of our own history, writ large. We therefore urge the Executive of KCL to reconsider their proposal to cut this prestigious Chair.'

As a victim of cuts in academia, paleography may not seem as important as cuts in funding to scientific research but Paleography is vital to the study and preservation of cultural history and of the documents this history is encoded within. Losing this specialism would greatly impoverish both Kings itself, Britain and academia in general. Kings should not pull itself out of its financial hole at a cost to academia. Please sign!

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