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la_muse_venale6 in medievalstudies

Some book advice!

Hello, I'm doing an opuscle about the Fisher King in Chrétien's "Li contes del Graal", I was searching some book advice. I've already checked some information around Internet, but I'm sure there is a lot of good material published (in fact, my problem is that I don't know what to choose!). I want to emphasize the possible inspiration that Chrétien took in king Baldwin IV for his character. I'm also interested in another comparisons (I heard someone comparing him with Oedipus, as an example).

Thanks for your help!


I just came across this book, in which there's an article about the Fisher King. I'm not sure at all if it's useful for you, but it might be worth taking a look.
Oh, yes, I think it will be very useful to me, a lot of thanks! :)
You might want to also consider the similarities to Jesus, as well as Celtic fertility/harvest gods. In my Arthurian Studies class, we covered Li contes del Graal and those were other comparisons that were made.
Yes, I will explain something about this similarities, but as it's a short work I can't make it too long. I've not assisted yet to Arthurian Studies, I will have this subject in about three months, so I only know the little sources, books or links that I find around u.u