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so you want to be a medievalist...

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Medieval Studies
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Medieval Studies
This is a community for those who hold advanced degrees or those who are pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in medieval-related fields. Hopefully this community will give us a chance to chat about programs, dissertations, calls for papers, conferences, rants, and general topics related to our fields.

This is not a community to post about Renn. Faires or SCA Events. Posts do not have to be of an academic flavor, but on topic posts are appreciated. Flame-posts (especially those regarding the dating of Beowulf) are not welcome, but scholarly debates are encouraged!

Please do not post requests for us to do your homework or papers for you. Scholarly questions are encouraged, but keep in mind, most of us teach college students in some capacity and don't take kindly to people who want us to give them paper topics.
academia, advanced degrees, andreas capellanus, anglo-norman, anglo-saxon, ascenders, bede, beowulf, bible commentaries, boethius, castles, chanson de roland, chaucer, chauceriana, chivalry, chretien de troyes, christian-muslim encounters, christina of markyate, conferences, courtly love, dante, descenders, dissertations, drinking, early middle english, enclosure, etymology, fabliaux, flying buttresses, gawain, gender, glosses, gothic, graduate school, hagiography, hildegard of bingen, historiography, hwaet, incunabula, jewish-christian encounters, john gower, julian of norwich, kalamazoo, king alfred, king arthur, king richard, kzoo, langue d'oc, late old english, latin, ma, maa, manuscript libraries, manuscripts, margery kempe, marginalia, marie de france, matter of britain, matter of england, medieval art, medieval crafts, medieval europe, medieval history, medieval latin, medieval literature, medieval music, medieval philosophy, medieval romance, medieval science, medieval studies, medieval technology, medievalia, medievalism, middle english, minims, muslim-jewish encounters, notes, occitan, old english, old french, old norse, paleography, phd, philology, piers plowman, provencal, saint cuthbert, saints, scholasticism, shamanism, sutton hoo, the 12th century renaissance, the book of kells, the church, the crusades, the dark ages, the lindisfarne gospels, the middle ages, the pearl poet, the seafarer, the wanderer, the wife of bath, theology, thomas aquinas, translation, trebuchets, troubadours, trouveres, vernacularity, vikings

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